Fall Garden

Yep, I’m already working on my fall garden. Our spring planted veggies are still not fully ready for harvest! But such is life if you want to stay on top of things.

So that involved screening composted soil from the chicken run. I tell you what, this is year 2, and that stuff is amazing! It is impossible to compact it!!!

Then I got out the peat pots to start the seeds.

I went ahead and planted broccoli, cauliflower, shungiku, and some basil to keep in and around the house because none of what I direct sowed came up.

I’ve got a few more cold weather herbs as well as some marigolds to start in time for fall, but right now I’m waiting on a shipment of plastic pots that should be here later today.

Plastic- I know, the dreaded “P” word. But let me tell you something, plastic has it’s place in the gardening world.

For starters (pun intended) they’re superior for seed starts you intend to keep potted or to sell/transport. Peat or other compostable pots are great for immediate and short term use because you can just plant the whole thing when the time comes. But they don’t travel well and the last thing someone (me) wants is for the plant’s soil to end up everywhere when you try to pick up the pot.

AND- they’re economical in the sense that when you transplant the seed starts, you can reuse the pots. The same goes for plastic seed trays and the like.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the fall plantings and our bean harvest.

2 thoughts on “Fall Garden

  1. I haven’t quite begun the fall crops’ seeding, but the lists and maps are made, the seeds are organized. When the peas on the fences come out, the pumpkins will go in. As the garlic goes out, winter squashes, brussels, and cabbages go in. Our first frost is usually about Oct. 5-8, so there’s plenty of time yet. Meantime, the spring harvest is well underway with a variety of crops, and the beans will soon be ready to pick. Love this time of year!

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    1. That sounds amazing! Our peas finished up a few weeks ago so I put in cucumbers where they were, the watermelons and pumpkins are in and starting to look good, and I put together a 3 sisters terrace of corn, beans, and 3 different squashes. It really is a beautiful time of year to be in the garden.


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