Preparation for Fall Market: herbs and seeds

We’re currently engaging in all of the bureaucracy involved in selling at our local farmer’s market. There are a lot of permits to acquire for live plant sales and seed sales.

That said, the more fun part of the job is happening now: harvest!

I was out early this morning harvesting mint, parsley, sage, and lemon balm. It’s hanging to dry all over the kitchen!

Then I set to work formatting a seed-saving envelope. The next step will be formatting the text to match our logo and brand. There are still a few things to tweak here and there.

I’ve been taking pictures like mad for our labeling.

The black and white seed envelopes we’ll keep for our own planting and use, while the color envelopes will indicate their intent to be sold.

The next task will be putting away our heirloom Oregon Sugar Snap Pea seed.

Tentatively, depending upon how much seed we have saved, the plan is to list it on our Etsy shop.

We are excited to see the season progressing and the garden thriving, in spite of our lack of rainfall lately.

My husband made some compost tea for the tomatoes, corn, and peppers, and they’re all looking fantastic (slightly wilted tomatoes notwithstanding.)

Next will come packaging and labeling for sale!

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