2018 Homeschool Picks: Pre-K (2-3 years)

This is my first year shopping for homeschool curriculum! And while it’s exciting, it was also really intimidating.

There are so many resources available, I had a hard time narrowing down what was necessary, what would work with my kids and their learning styles, what we’ve already mastered, what we need to work on… There was a LOT of research that went into my final decisions, so I’ll share them with you in hopes that they’ll help you in your own search and inspire you to really do the research and find what works for you and your kids, because there really is a TON of material out there.

1.) LegacyLearning – Pre-K lesson plan/homeschool

So for the “steak” of our curriculum, I actually went with a kit from Etsy! My main reason for this was financial. This kit is SO comprehensive and includes manipulatives, worksheets, laminated tracing cards, activities, etc. I really couldn’t have gotten everything in this kit for a better price. And- it’s all personalized for my child, so that’s great! It covers letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and various themed lesson units such as money, farming, etc.

2) All About Learning Presspre-reader curriculum

I went with the basic package which excluded some of the extras like stickers and hand puppet and tote bag. My goal for this curriculum is to have my 3 year old beginning to read by next year, and to introduce my 2 year old to phonics and basic letter recognition. I have high hopes as both are extremely interested in reading and story books so I really want to leverage that natural interest and use it to engage them in literacy.

3.)Abeka Pre-K homeschool Bible kit

I really considered just getting the Bible curriculum book, but I really want to stress scripture memory and praise through song so I caved and spent $58 on the whole kit. The kit includes Scripture memory cards, Old and New Testament stories/lessons, and a CD with Bible related songs. My kids LOVE music and singing and dancing. In fact, I’ve been able to teach them several passages of scripture just by setting them to little tunes! It’s amazing what they are capable of absorbing so again, I want that absorption to glorify God and to leverage their desire to learn for the Kingdom and for the sake of discipling my kids.

I am really excited to begin this “school year” with the kids. Our plan is to get started after Labor Day, speaking of which, is just one more reason I love homeschool or home education- we have the freedom to begin when WE are ready to.

Until the kids get into kindergarden/first grade, we’re mostly unregulated by the state. so I’m taking advantage of this time for building relationships and a love of learning in them.

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