So, I usually blog about things that matter deeply to me regarding faith, family, farming, alliteration…

But tonight, I have to get emotional and girly because my husband is not grasping the gravity of the situation…his words, not mine.

I got on Amazon to reorder some Soap & Glory Girligo moisturizing body mist…

And the price said $40…

I’m not kidding, $39.99. For something that I used to get all the time at Target for like $7.


So I went to Sephora’s website- apparently they don’t carry Soap & Glory anymore… But Walgreens does. Go figure.

But neither place had what I was looking for!

So I went to Soap & Glory’s website, because, when you need information, you go to the source.

And… Alas… It seems it’s been discontinued…

Say it isn’t so, S&G, say it isn’t so!!!

My eyes are actually welling up with tears.

It’s not just the product. It’s how it impacted my life!!

I know you’re thinking, “c’mon, woman… It’s spray-able lotion… Calm it down a few thousand notches.”

But that is the smell I associate with my first date (and all the subsequent ones) with my husband. It was his senior prom, and we were practically babies.


That was 10 years ago this past May, and was the start of one of the greatest summers of my life! In a period of time when so much else in my family was in flux and unstable, Friday date nights with my sweet boy kept me going. That meant Soap & Glory Girligo and that I actually bothered shaving my legs, Beyond the Zone smoothe criminal heat protectant balm (they still make this and I have a full bottle.) in my silky-smooth, straightened-just-for-him hair, a full face of make-up, and loudly car-singing Mika’s Lollipop all the way to Barnes & Noble.


(Yes, we were and are huge nerds.)

And now it’s just gone. How do I know it wasn’t that scent that won him over?!?

…Well, actually I do know it wasn’t that because my husband can’t smell things. For real. Not even skunk.

But scent aside. I don’t “treat” myself to much, but that was my one thing. It was a really great product, and it lasted forever (which is probably why no one bought it consistently enough to keep it around) and did something to lift my spirits every time I smelled it.

Isn’t it strange the attachments we form to things? Something as silly as moisturizer can capture memories and transport us right back to where we were when…

I guess I’ll have to move on.

Lucky for me, at least I’ve still got my husband.

and Mika.

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