A Little Saturday Afternoon Painting

I hate wood paneling. And our house is full of it. Yay! Naturally, I want rid of it. But that takes time to rip it out, and then putting in drywall to replace it… Ugh. I just don’t have the time for that right now. Or the money.

What I do have is about 2 hours during nap time and 2 left over cans of Valspar in the garage. So paint it is!

I was a little nervous at first because people *ahem, my husband* kept asking me if you could paint paneling. The weird clear coat of varnish on the wood paneling actually made me second guess myself. But my grandfather has been painting wood paneling in his house for years, so I said yes, and went ahead and tried.

After the first coat went on, I was really nervous because it didn’t look like the paint was going to stick. But as it dried, it actually had really good coverage.

The color is the same as my living room, and it’s called “Lyndhurst Timber.” We got it at Lowe’s about 2 years ago when we did the bulk of the painting before we moved in.

My husband said it’s the same color as our Easter Egger’s eggs… I said that couldn’t possibly be true, because her eggs are pink, and I hate the color pink. I would definitely not paint my walls pink. To me, it looks more like a mocha latte, or really weak chocolate milk.

I didn’t bother painting this section near the kitchen because it’s getting ripped out sooner than later, and I’m not wasting paint because… I’m a tightwad.

So we just stopped at the kitchen threshold. One day, awful kitchen… One day…

The broken sound system box from 1970 was taken off and now I have a nice rectangular hole in the wall.

I’m going to be honest- we aren’t patching it. We’re going to build a pallet box shelf like this one, and just COVER IT UP! Because that’s our specialty. Heck, I might bury a time capsule in there while I’m at it.

I actually painted around our rabbit’s kennel… Because… I only had 2 hours. So I’ll move her and do that area tomorrow. I also have the trim work and the basement door to paint the same white as in the living room and hallway.

So that’s what I’ll be working on in the coming week.

Not bad for an afternoon!

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