What Do I Do All Day?

I read an editorial last year about the author’s late wife. He was honoring her memory by going over all the many things his lovely bride could accomplish in a single day.

It set a goal for me then; to read more, plant more, care more, serve more, give more. what I really wanted was for this woman to still be living and for her to become my new best friend and mentor. But, I think today would have made that man’s wife proud.

Here’s just a quick list of the things we accomplished today:

  • Feeding family with from scratch breakfast
  • Tended chickens, dogs, rabbit
  • Cleaned up garden area
  • Reinforced terrace beds with 3 logs
  • Extended and deepened swale
  • “Refinished” picture frames/baskets/office organizer (code for spray paint)
  • Lunch (left overs!)
  • Art day; acrilic/watercolor on canvas
  • Designed and listed a new Etsy item (they’re workout shorts, and I really love them)
  • Disposed of a dead trapped mouse (oh, I really hate that…but I hate live ones in my house more)
  • From scratch dinner

Actually I think that’s about it for now.

I really love how the kids’ paintings turned out.

My daughter’s work
My son’s work
(I did one too, because painting is therapeutic)

And after dinner, I’ll wash dishes, put children to bed, Bible study, and leisure reading.

I probably could have done some more but I’ve been trying to take intentional time to rest… mostly because if I don’t, I forget things like eating and using the bathroom. Who has time for that!? 😉

And to think I didn’t even make myself a list today.

2 thoughts on “What Do I Do All Day?

    1. Thank you! We have a lot of fun. There are painters on both sides of the family, wood carvers, and I’m told my great grandfather was quite the cartoonist.

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