Flood Cleanup Progress

There’s a lot more motivation to get things done in the garden when you know your livelihood depends on it being productive.


When your garden is the difference between eating and paying your bills or being hungry and sacrificing nutrition, the garden becomes more than just a hobby or pastime.

Last year, our garden saved us a total of about $500 on groceries (between fresh eating and canning). Not a whole lot by any means, but it did add up quickly. It cost us in time, and work, but those resources are ones we have where as cash isn’t always available. And it didn’t earn us money last year, but it did teach us valuable lessons on planting, care, harvesting, processing.

We still have about 2/3 left to woodchip. I moved the onions to a different bed, and rearranged my garden plan a bit- some of it is still up in the air for now, but it always comes to me in the end.

I decided to call it a day. Husband of mine is burning some tree limbs, whose ash will be added to the tomato and pepper terrace. Then there’s the compost which can be added as needed.

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