No Goats…again…

Guys, I could cry. And I hate crying, it’s gross… Snot everywhere, ugly cry face… Eew.

But really.

I don’t know how it happened that we had such a huge oversight, but we had hammered down resolve to pay off debt and get out from under car payments and “emergency use only credit cards.” And somehow in all that, I failed to realize that taking on a livestock expansion, without perimeter fencing was a huge risk and liability.

Let me explain. I wasn’t totally ignorant. I had planned to keep the goats in a HIRG (high intensity rotational grazing) system using tethers harnesses, and portable electric paddock fencing.

I had considered the cost of goat feed for a year, and it paled in comparison to what we presently spend on commercial dairy products. To keep it short and sweet, it would have SAVED us $600 annually by having our own dairy supply.

Everything was planned for, everything was budgeted, deposit carried over from last year…

And then it hit me- this is a temptation away from my ultimate goal of being debt free.

I had a bunch of justifications for pulling the trigger too. Dairy means I save $600 annually that can go into debt payment, we can sell offspring for income, we can make soap with extra milk…

But my husband’s lack of peace and ultimately the realization that the “goat fund” should be plugging away at the debt snowball convinced me that if we were really going to do this thing the right way, God’s way, then we had to be in a responsible position financially before expansion comes and there are more animal lives on the farm to budget and care for.

So it sucks that we’re still a year or two from our goat goal.

But I am thankful I didn’t push ahead and put myself in a potentially disasterous situation by jumping in before we had complete financial freedom to do so.

Here’s to taking fewer risks, and being more responsible!

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