Restlessness and my Remedy

Sometimes I struggle with feeling restless and bored with the mundane day-to-day operations on the ol’ homestead.

I think if we’re honest, most people do feel that way about life at some point.

But I tend to handle it in a systematic fashion that has helped me cope with my chronic ADHD need to be productive.

When I’m first stricken by the itch to make, create, or do, I usually dig up inspiration. First, I go to Scripture and I read about women like Lydia, Tabitha, the Proverbs 31 Woman… they had their stuff together! Productive members of society, faithful women, entrepreneurial, generous. That’s my goal.

I also like to see what other people are doing, and be inspired by their creativity. Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse in that sense because too much browsing only creates anxiety with the abundance of ideas and tends to waste a lot of precious time. So for me, that has to be done with a set time limit and a specific goal in mind.

Once I’ve been inspired, I consider my own skill set. I committed a few years back to learning more about quilting, hand sewing, sewing in general, and basic fiber crafts. These are life skills we’ve automated and industrialized to near extinction. My goal was to revive interest, and develop a skill set that held practical and historical value. Then I decide on a project and take inventory of my materials/supply stash and decide if I’m going to need to make or purchase something before I can get started.

I have to set small goals and budget my time because…

1) I have a bunch of kids who need me more than my project needs me to complete it. I have to make sure I’m present for them.

2) I tend to hyper-focus once I have a goal and it’s all I can think obsess about. To combat this, I plan out my stopping points and commit to saying, “ok, that’s enough for now.” …And then actually put it down and walk away. That’s the part I have the hardest time with.

Then, I share my project. Either pictures, or if it’s a hand-made item, I’ll gift it to some lucky so-and-so.

This table runner I just finished up today.

I hand-sewed the lace ribbon today while sitting on my back porch, watching the kids swing and play. Why? Because I feel like that’s part of the quintessential southern seamstress historical experience. It’s something my kids can look back on later and say,

“Hey, you remember when we’d all be out swingin’ and Mama would bring her sewing out on the porch to watch us?”

“Yeah, and she’d always hollar at us for gettin’ into her straight pins…”

I’m crafting memories.

I have a lot of project irons in the fire right now so I’m dividing time and pacing myself until my sewing patterns arrive in the mail.

Today, some gorgeous chiffon arrived

With which, I hope to make a couple of these wrap style dresses (great for pregnant me, because I can modify them to wear before, and after baby comes- very versitle) to begin building my handmade wardrobe collection.

I absolutely adore the retro look of C and F.

I’m also waiting for my new-to-me sewing machine. God love my husband, he enables my crazy schemes. Truthfully, he’s always wanted me to be able to make him (and our family) clothing. I’ve just always been intimidated. I don’t want to make “costumes,” quick, cheap, poorly constructed outfits that look nice from a distance, but which fall apart with any serious wear. I want to craft actual, practical, and beautiful clothing. I believe the potential is deep inside someplace. I just have to exercise it.

So that’s what I’m doing these days to keep my restlessness at bay.

Lots of Scripture, plenty of coffee (but not too much), a moderate helping of Pinterest, and a whole lot of patience.

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