Please Excuse my Sporadic Posts…

…I wonder how many posts I’ve written that begin with, “Oh my goodness, it’s chaos around here…”

I’ll look into it. That’s research I don’t have time for at the moment.

Update with the mold issue: I haven’t been back down to the basement since I realized just how allergic I am to mold. The migraines have stalled and my skin rash is clearing up. Still no results on the area that was biopsied. I assume no news is good news.

We received the estimate for remediation, which includes sealing the cement block, installation of a sump pump and drainage system, and tearing out the damaged drywall, cleaning the mold, cleaning the HVAC inside and out, and fumigation. Excluding refinishing, it’s just under $8k. Which is a chunk of change for a single income family of 5. But it’s still less than the 10k- 15k we were expecting. So I guess that’s good news?

We’re also in the process of selling our home in NC after a long and expensive and arduous 5 years of long distance maintenance… We were advised against purchasing, but that was a lesson we chose to learn the hard way. Live and learn. Anyway, perhaps God will use the equity we’ll have in the sale to redeem that terrible decision and help us repair our house here. That’s my prayer anyway.

We’ve got 2 months to make repairs to the roof, ceiling and some areas of drywall before the excrement collides with the proverbial fan with our homeowners insurance policy… We thought we’d have more time to save and do repairs debt free, but the degredation of this ol’ house is faster than our rate of savings… We’re praying for a small miracle on that front so that we don’t have to submit again to a yoke of slavery to debt. Been there, done that, I ain’t going back.

God is good, and I trust Him completely. Seeing as I’ve been homeless and pregnant twice before and the Lord has always provided, I’m choosing to rest in faith, not fear. It’s a difficult, conscious, minute-by-minute decision, but the peace that results is overwhelming.

Somewhere along the line, we’ve triggered the enemy and he’s doing all he can to distract, discourage, and derail our faithfulness to Christ. We’re not so easily shaken. My home has been attacked, my health has been attacked, my financial security has been attacked. But God has granted us a hedge of protection around my husband, children, and our unborn baby and they’re all doing great.

My husband is leading worship on Sunday at our current church, a night of worship next Wednesday evening, and is preaching for our potential new church the first Sunday in August. Not to mention his seminary classes pick up again next week, and he’s been working long hours at multiple jobs to get us through the financial “tight patch.” I could not be any more proud of his commitment to Christ, faithful service to the Church, and his example of leadership in our congregation and our family. I am truly blessed by him and he is such a wonderful gift from God.

Homestead-y News

I have had several sewing projects in the works for a holiday market in November, and it’d be lovely if I could find the time to complete one.

I’ve also been brainstorming a hand-made wardrobe collection and raiding fabric stashes and discount bins for just the right materials. It’s becoming a respite for me to daydream different styles and colors and textures and sewing is such a stress reliever for me anyway, I look forward to getting started on those pieces.

I’ve also been working on *drumroll please* a project proposal for a book I’ve been working on and felt convicted to write. I’m going through a friend’s small publishing company called 228 Publishers, for those of you who are aspiring Christian authors. The book has morphed and changed as I’ve written, and the current state is much different from what I first imagined, but it’s coming along beautifully. I’m praying that God would write it through me and speak as He would through it. We’ll keep y’all posted on how that project proposal submission goes. I’m excited, but trying not to be prematurely so.

So much to do and so little time, and I’ve promised the littles a park day, so more to come later!

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