Green Tomato Pie

I did a weird thing.

It was out of necessity, of course.

We’ve got these giant tomato plants. And they haven’t been super awesome this year.

Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was my spacing, maybe it was the new placement in the terrace rotation… Who’s to say.

But I was out tending the plants and I’m afraid we may have some blight creeping in. So I removed all the questionable foliage, and then I wondered how to save what few tomatoes we do have…

I considered green salsa, fried green tomatoes, green tomato relish, pickled green tomatoes… Honestly, I may still use all of those recipes.

But the one I found that really got me was one for a green tomato pie. I’m no stranger to savory pies. In fact I love them! Chicken pot pie, Shropshire fidget pie, steak and kidney pie, leek and potato pie, pizza pie- all delicious.

But this one wasn’t a savory pie recipe.

It was supposed to taste like apple pie. Okay, morbid curiosity got me.

So I made one.

First I had to not-so-arduously grind my own flour in the Vitamix. I opted for rice and almond blend.

Then I cut the cold butter in by hand and wondered why the heck I wasn’t taking advantage of 21st century tech… So I finished it in the food processor.

I took the small ones out to pick the tomatoes. We went for the larger ones that were slightly less firm.

I followed this recipe here, and added a 1/4 tsp xanthan gum to the tomatoes, just because I had it on hand and almond flour isn’t especially starchy.

And it turned out…

Not bad!

My brain said it was slightly still crunchy apples.

My husband said it wasn’t a powerful enough flavor to fool him into thinking it was in fact apple… But… It wasn’t apple, and no deception was attempted, so all’s well.

My daughter loved it, especially the crust. You’re welcome, baby girl.

Even though it’s nearly impossible to lattice GF pie crust. Forget it. Too crumbly.

I got thumbs ups from the two boys- full tummies and quiet mouths at the table say plenty.

All in all, I’d make it again. Maybe toss in some more “powerfully flavored” fruit the next time. I found one recipe that called for layering the sliced tomatoes with thinly sliced lemons!


For now, I’m contemplating how I managed to pass off a non-savory pie as acceptable dinner fare…

Then again, the tomatoes were straight from the garden!

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