August Homestead Update

Today’s been cool so far y’all.

All the babies were awake before 7 so we all did our morning Bible time. Read from Matthew 21, and sang a bunch of hymns together. Different than my desired slow-burn start to the morning I prefer, but still good. Just louder and busier.

I made a big ol’ farmhouse breakfast this morning. Homemade GF Buttermilk biscuits (yes, there is such a thing, no they aren’t as good as Pillsbury…) And sausage gravy with a side of cheddar cheese, and some Strong coffee. I had to fuel up the troops for our outside work!

Me and the littles started working on some kudzu hay for Maggie Moo this winter.

Yes, it’s line drying. She LOVES the stuff- fresh, dried, leaves, vine- it’s a welcome respite to buying packaged hay.

Then Husband of mine split some more hickory wood. We followed behind stacking once he finished. It seems like slow work, but bit by bit, our woodpile is growing.

The smell of the split hickory is magical. I can’t even wait to warm the house with it. ๐Ÿ˜Š

The kids don’t know what to do with themselves after our busy week of school work. They chased a frog in the yard for a while, and now they’re all playing together inside. A plushie dinosaur is driving a Barbie Jeep… I don’t often question them, but that one has me curious…

In renovation news, we’ve been planning the replacement wall in the dining room area, and I’m SO excited to get to work on that and the floors.

We had a plumber come in to replace some leaky sections of hodge-podged pipe. Some was copper fitted to galvanized steel, fitted to PVC… It was a mess y’all.

Anyway, now we have those places replaced with PEX and it’s a much better situation… Eventually, we want the whole house done in PEX, but that’ll take some more savings and for us to get a handle on the “emergency” repairs required by insurance, whom I still haven’t been able to touch base with… Y’all- I’m seriously reconsidering choosing Allstate. Good hands? More like, if it’s convenient for us to be in the office, we’ll keep you in moderately competent, mostly disinterested hands…

Oh well. I’m feeling pleased at our level of productivity for an otherwise lazy Saturday. Hope everyone else has a lovely weekend!

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