Marriage on the Homestead

Marriage and family are big passions of mine. Not just because I love the people around me, though I do love them tremendously.

I’m passionate about marriage and family because of the things they represent; our relationship with God, Christ’s relationship with the Church, the unity of the Trinity.

That said, marriage on the homestead is rife with spiritual lessons and applications!

My husband and I are constantly working within our respective roles. He works outside the home 3 days a week, ministers to youth as a pastor at our new church, and does a lot of the physical grunt work I can’t manage on my own around the homestead. My main tasks are homemaking and child rearing, and “secretarial” business such as managing schedules, paying bills, phonecalls to businesses/ contractors, social engagements etc. Yes, we use and teach traditional gender rolls in our home, and no that doesn’t make me a “depend-apotamous” or him a chauvinist. It just means we’ve figured out what works so we go with it.

I love my “job” and it’s one of the easier and most enjoyable I’ve ever had, even if it doesn’t earn me a paycheck. I do what I do so that my husband can do what he does, and vice versa. Together, our family functions with relative ease.

This morning, he worked on home improvement projects while I taught math, then we tag teamed the reading lessons, and we had a really productive morning.

Then he took our oldest with him to the hardware store (One on one time with Papa!) while I planned some social events for the weekend and waited for the littles to finish napping. Now, husband dear is mowing the lawn while I blog and prepare dinner.

I say all that to say, we’re so busy with our respective tasks and errands, sometimes we do special things together just for the sake of doing something together. Last night, it was carry out Buffalo Wild Wings after the babies went to bed and TV (The Office, and Great British Castles). Sometimes, it’s as simple as a dessert while we sit on our fannies in the living room- we’ll have random conversations as he’ll play a videogame, and I’ll read or knit. Our dates aren’t usually fancy or complex, but it’s those quiet moments with him that I treasure and most look forward to after a hard day’s work. And sometimes, we treat ourselves.

We ordered some new silicone wedding bands** that arrived today. They’re blue (my favorite color) and they glow in the dark (because we’re still secretly 7 years old and wish we were super heroes.)

All kidding aside, I really love what they symbolize in our marriage.

First off, they’re silicone. They’re flexible, comfortable, and practical. They hold up to strenuous activity, don’t cut off your circulation, and graciously accommodate changes in weight. 😉

They’re durable! I don’t have to worry about them breaking, depreciating in value, or otherwise tarnishing while we’re busy working throughout the day.

They’re matching. They share characteristics that let people know they’re part of a set.

And my favorite feature, they’re glow in the dark. They’re most vibrant when we walk through dark places.

Does the mature adult in me sorta feel like they look like prizes from a cereal box? Yeah…

But the rest of me feels like a superhero, and remembers that they’re just an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual covenant with my most favorite person and our God.

**We snagged these rings online at

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