Prayers, Putty, and Patches

Still diligently working on the renovations around the house. We had an insurance inspector come to take pictures of our home. I’m so glad they didn’t call to schedule, so I just had giant garbage bags I was filling with debris. Lord willing, we won’t be penalized for purging our garbage; it’s not our natural state, but for insurance people, appearance is everything… It appears, I was given no notice and was in the middle of cleaning. Oh well. Praying that goes well.

In other news, I’ve been filling in cracks with joint compound and finishing up the new dining room wall. I got the kitchen-most side dry brushed, and that side is totally done now. All that remains is to redecorate. I plan on hanging some gorgeous cast iron shelf brackets my in-laws found while antique shopping several months back. I’d like a large, live edge plank shelf but, we’ll see what we can find when that time comes. With the shelf up, we will be able to pull out those hanging cabinets I hate so much and open up the kitchen/ dining room area so more light permeates the room.

We managed to flip a breaker while trying to reinstall an outlet cover yesterday. Sparks may have flown and startled the Dickens out of me… but that was an easy fix and all is well.

A while back, my husband pulled out an old, ancient, very old, aged, non-functional thermostat… It was no longer even connected to anything. But I just got around to filling the gaping hole it left in the hallway wall. First I filled it with spray foam and then dabbled it to try to match all the bumpy texture (which I hate, but is a project for another time). Then I’ll repaint once it’s dry.

I got the curtain rod hung yesterday and I had found some darling fabric for curtains at a thrift store. Wouldn’t you know, it was exactly the right measurements! So I got that cut and will start pinning and sewing the curtains (hopefully) this weekend.

I had to do a patch job on one of our pooches last night. Flynn dog came to the back door with some banged up front paws and lots and lots of burrs and stickers. So the poor little pup got lots of care and lovin’s. You would’ve thought he was Old Yeller the way the kids were concerned and clinging to him. It was precious. They love their pup.

We got him all cleaned and bandaged up.

He was still limping a bit this morning.

My supposed farm dog sat in Mama’s lap wanting all the snugs last night. But that made me so thankful that I prioritized livestock first-aid. It’s one of those things you would do for your family without question! If you’re going to own animals, you need to be equipped to care for them well.

Everything is coming together though and I can’t wait to see it completed.

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