Homestead Updates

It’s finally starting to slow down around here, which is great! Because it’ll pick up in full force for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Baby #4, New Years, chick brooding, garden planning, and seed starting soon enough!

We’ve really been enjoying the fireplace on chilly evenings. I can’t imagine ever getting tired of it.


Husband of mine hung the cast iron shelf brackets and moved in a really unique piece to act as storage/buffet table for us in the dining room.

Originally, it had been designated for a church’s sewing ministry, hence the super smooth tabletop and the crosses. But for us, it’s housing our silverware (finally!!) And being available to serve food, hold my crockpot, and I’ve got hopes that it doesn’t just become a catch-all…

Oh well…

The best part of Friday was definitely celebrating our little miss’ 3rd birthday!

I can’t believe how much she’s grown! Or how much hair she has now.

She requested a chocolate cake, with purple frosting and chocolate chips, so that’s what my girl got!

The bunny hat turned out great and suits her perfectly.

And she even let her brothers play Barbies with her. What a gal! What a dynamite little gal. My baby boo. πŸ™‚


On Saturday, I participated in my first event as a market vendor!

It was a really great experience and I learned a lot! I did some hand spinning while I was there, partly as demonstration, partly to pass the time. I met a lot of really interesting and like-minded people, some of whom raise rabbits, others who are master gardeners, and others who just showed appreciation and encouragement for what we strive to do here on the homestead.

That said, I was able to discern my strengths and weaknesses and really focus in on what makes us unique and a valuable asset to the community. Now I will be able to “dump rocks” and focus on what we do really well instead of floundering about trying to find a niche.


I had a wonderful day Sunday and I hope my family can say the same. We discovered a local treasure in a small Mexican grocery store/restaurant called La Perla II. It. Was. So. Good. It was definitely a family favorite and I’m sure we’ll be back there again. My husband’s litmus test for good Mexican food is their spiciest salsa. Y’all, his face was pink and he was still crying half way home! It was a big win…in his mind. I’m not as big a fan of burning my insides; I’d rather taste my food than sear all my tastebuds. But I’m glad everyone liked it as much as I did.


We’ve started meeting monday mornings to pray at our church. Our focus today was thankfulness before God and praying the Scriptures to lift up our burdens and thank God for our blessings.

After that, I managed to finish curtain panel #1. One more to go! I love them– they’re so cozy.

And my dad is coming down this coming weekend to celebrate all the holidays a little early before baby comes, so I’m sure that will hold its own adventures.

3 thoughts on “Homestead Updates

  1. Hi there πŸ™‚

    I LOVED your post. It’s filled with SO much joy and awesomeness. I’m impressed with all you do: garden planning, market vending and making curtains. And everything else in between. Enjoyed the pictures you included, too. Congrats on your daughter’s 3rd birthday. She’s soooooooo cute and so is her bunny hat. Love it! And another CONGRATS on baby number four!

    ❀ Hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings to you and your family. And all you do! ❀


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