Homestead Update

Well, I persuaded my husband to light the first fire of the year on Friday evening. It was wonderful.

Prior to that I had my minis help me make Swedish meatballs for dinner.

Those are the moments I treasure- peacefully functioning and just living life together. I need more of those moments.

Sunday I tried to be proactive and prep lunch to be ready when we got home. I made pork tenderloin with apples, and butternut squash and herbs from the garden.

Alas, my mommy brain and an argument over shoes with my daughter caused me to rush out without adding cooking liquid to the pan, and…well… It was neither as pretty or as appetizing when we finally got to eat it. Lessons were learned, and what not.

I felt God telling me to dig in to intentional prayer for our church and community so, following the Holy Spirit’s prompting last night, I scheduled an impromptu prayer meeting for this morning at 10am. I was fully prepared to be one of very few people there simply because it’s a weekday morning, but God moved in hearts and he brought a surprisingly large group of us together in prayer for our church, families, community, and nation. It was a beautiful, beautiful thing to see God’s people humbling themselves in prayer. The most affirming and humbling part was that I know more would have joined us if they were able. I told them the beauty of the body of Christ is that we all have unique giftings and callings; because of my role as a stay-at-home mom, I have the freedom to meet and pray throuought the week and I felt God calling me to do precisely that with whomever else can join me. I plan on keeping it a regular meeting on Mondays and I expect to see God continue to move and work in mighty ways through our concerted efforts to seek and glorify Him.

I also managed to schedule doctor well-visits for my oldest two kiddos and to set up my hospital preadmissions tour of the L&D unit since I’ll be delivering baby at a different hospital this time. I was asked if I’d rather wait until closer to my due date, and I said my babies tend to come a little early and the last time I waited for my 36 week preadmissions appointment, they delivered my baby that night… So I managed to get it scheduled for 32 weeks and hopefully acclimate to the newness of this place and feel comfortable with all of that. Overall, I’m feeling on top of my mom-ing game today. Who knows, maybe I’ll even update my birth plan this afternoon.

The holiday market is this coming weekend on Saturday, so I’m doing last minute preparations for that and feeling excited but not really knowing what to expect. It will be a good way to gauge what my strengths are and focus in more on developing those in the year to come.

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