Cleaning Crafty Pre-Thanksgiving Day

So I have a ton of dishes because… Eh… My back has been killing me and it’s all I can do to muster the motivation to stand and wash dishes. Come on, Kitchen Reno! Hopefully soon.

That said, I washed a load of dishes, and then decided to go play with plants outside instead.

I cut a bunch of English ivy and honey suckle berries from around the property and I helped my oldest craft them into wreaths and centerpieces.

And the extras I tossed into a metal basket my husband brought home from work, stuck a bow on it, and voila! Eat your heart out, Better Homes & Gardens.

Then I set my sights on pine cones… Because I needed something for my son to engage in that wouldn’t give me an ulcer.

So we gathered a bunch of pinecones and I started drying them in the oven: 30 minutes at 200°F.

They aren’t all the way opened up yet, so I’m going to leave them in for another hour or so.

Once they’re done, I’ll probably pop ’em in a mason jar with a burlap or lace ribbon on it and call it “rustic chic.”

I’m also doing all the food prep I can today so that tomorrow doesn’t have to be stressful. Brining the turkey, soaking the leather britches, prepping the cranberry relish, etc.

In other crafty, homemaking news, I ordered plastic disposable dishes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Because I love hosting, but abhor dishes. I’m pretty sure I mentioned that already. But they’re actually really pretty!!

Gotta love Amazon.

So I’m stoked for my holiday guests to come eat fancy food on not-quite-as-fancy dishes and be able to focus on the people more so than the mess. Be Mary, not Martha.

Amen? Amen.

I am really focusing on the One to WHOM I’m thankful, as much if not more than on the WHAT I’m thankful to have been given. This is the 1st Thanksgiving season I’ve had in a long while that actually feels like “home” and I attribute that to preparing my heart and mind to focus on God rather than the Martha-esque details of holiday hosting.

So here’s to all you Marthas out there cleaning baseboards and ceiling fan blades today, and may you all have a Mary-happy, and richly blessed Thanksgiving!

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