In the Kitchen: My Postpartum Recovery Process

It hit me the 3rd day postpartum that I actually love being in the kitchen barefoot (I’ve never liked socks and shoes) pregnancy and hot spills on my toes notwithstanding.

I was standing there prepping dinner thinking, “This is my element; I’m in my happy place.” Cooking delicious food for my family is actually helping me cope with the baby blues by reminding me why I do what I do- to love on and nurture my husband and children. And with kind friends bringing me meals lately, that frees up my time to do the “fun stuff” and self-care cooking like making herbal preparations, ACV, yogurt and kombucha.

Last night, I was reading up on systemic thrush– aka candida (yeast)– because it is always an issue for me postpartum because of broad spectrum antibiotics during labor.

In my study, I’ve discovered that the commonly prescribed antifungal treatment becomes less effective over time because the candida is able to change its mode of reproduction in order to stay alive.

With that tidbit of knowledge in my back pocket, I pulled my reference books on herbal remedies and essential oil therapy. As it happens, golden milk is quite effective in its treatment of systemic thrush.

Traditionally, golden milk is just milk with turmeric and a bit of honey for palatability. In my reading, however, I learned that the compound in turmeric that is effective against candida is most potent when combined with a compound found in black pepper. So, I branched off Rosemary Gladstar’s recipe and mixed up my own recipe based on ingredients I know to have powerful antifungal attributes.

Golden Milk

  • 1 c whole milk
  • 2 Tbsp turmeric powder
  • 2 tsp raw honey
  • 1 tsp each of black pepper, ginger, cinnamon

Heat milk over medium-low heat. Add herbs and spices and simmer until well dissolved, but don’t boil. Drink warm.

**Disclaimer– I’m not a medical doctor and this isn’t intended to be used as medical advice**

I will say it is make-you-cough spicy. But it also alleviated many of the early symptoms indicating candida overgrowth such as headache, stiff joints, white-coated tongue, loss of taste and brain fog.

I’ve combined this with taking strong probiotic capsules, and a high probiotic diet of homemade, SCD-legal yogurt. And so far, I’ve not had to resort to prescription antifungal medication.

Lord willing, baby and I will avoid thrush altogether.

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