MTHFR, Adrenal Fatigue, and Postpartum Anxiety

The body is not just the meat suit we walk around in. We’re physical, mental, and eternal spiritual beings. Our Creator knit us together in a complex combination of systems that are interdependent on one another to function. If you don’t believe me, try having a sore pinkie toe; that seemingly insignificant appendage can entirely consume your thoughts if it’s not functioning properly.

Since having baby, my body has been under seemingly constant stress. The lack of sleep, stress of adding a member to our family, the demand on my body to breastfeed, and the anxiety of reintegration into daily routine, and hormone fluctuations have just compounded into making me some kind of unrecognizable goblin.

So, I did some research on MTHFR, Raynauds and heavy metal toxicity, as well as anxiety- wouldn’t you know, they’re all connected.

When the body’s ability to detox is impaired as with MTHFR mutations, toxins build more quickly in the body. This leads to inflammatory response in the body which causes fatigue, as well as emotional fluctuations and instability due to hormonal imbalance. In short- it’s like being in a constant state of PMS but instead of cramps and bloating, there’s numbness and tingling in my feet because of Raynauds being exacerbated as well. All in all, I’m really feeling it- Lord willing, Jesus will come back before I have to endure menopause with this nonsense.

This website and this website which linked me to a helpful PDF ebook has been helpful in aiding me to develop a holistic strategy for coping with my body’s issues.

I’m doing a few things as maintenance and preventative measures. The first is drinking distilled water. Distillation removes minerals from the water. While this isn’t ideal long term as your body does need some minerals in water, I’m allowing the distilled water to leech some of the build up in my body and detox that way. I’m also cutting back on coffee as it has been shown to elevate homocystine levels in the blood. Taking methylfolate helps to reduce homocystine in the blood.

I’m also staying away from parabens and phlalates to keep bodily toxin load to a minimum- that means no plastics, no artificial fragrances, and did I mention, no plastics?

I had been taking a prenatal vitamin, B complex, and D supplement as well. I’m taking a break from those for a few days because I can actually feel the build-up of the compounds not being processed thoroughly by my body in the form of brain fog and joint stiffness. So that’s an interesting observation.

Eating dark leafy greens helps too, especially when combined with the choline in eggs (I can’t wait for the hens to pick back up laying!)

An ideal breakfast would consist of spinach, egg, crushed red pepper, and avocado on some sort of toast.

Overall, I feel a little better today. It’s the little things that add up over time and just making small healthy decisions all day long really makes a difference over the course of a month, or 6 months, or a year.

Here’s to praying that my body gets back on track sooner than later.

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