Homestead Update!

We’ve got a lot of irons in the fire right now as we gear up for spring time.


We’ve started tomatoes, peppers, and onions indoors to be transplanted after the last frost.


We lost a total of 6 birds this year, the bulk of them to hawks or other unidentified wildlife. That said, we had intended to thin our flock to our most prolific layers anyway, and incidentally, the old gals were the ones who got… Well, gone.

So we decided to brood chicks this year. We have 4 black copper marans right now, 2 of which had pasty butt and so I just finished treating all 4 as a precaution. This is the first time we’ve had any issues at all with it, so I’m just adding a bit more probiotic powder to their food and ACV in their water.

Marans doing well

We will be getting 4-6 more chicks, Ameraucanas, just because I’m in love with blue eggs.

Coming Soon

Lord knows I’ve been burned before and spoken too soon… But… Lord willing, we plan to bring 2 dairy goats to the homestead this spring. I’ll leave it at that for now, and hopefully, prayerfully, that dream will become a reality this year.

Nothing else super exciting has happened yet, as it is still the coldest part of our winter. But we did do some more mild tidying of the gardens last weekend- weeding, and getting them ready to sow in a few more weeks.

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