Projects and Pretty Things

Projects get tackled so much quicker when you aren’t a slave to debt. I had been so used to scrimping and saving every extra penny that it is actually shocking how when there is some financial freedom and wiggle room, we’re able to 1) give more, 2) meet savings goals faster 3) afford ancillary projects!

For starters, we’ve been doing several ‘bit-by-bit’ project purchases. We’ve accumulated all the supplies needed to re-plumb the house with PEX. So all that is required are a few more end caps or connectors, depending on if we move the washer and dryer to the basement, and we’ll be able to finish that project in a week’s time as my husband has the time.

We’ve also been ammassing all the supplies we need for dairy goats. Yesterday my husband brought home a manger, some wall mounted feeding buckets for free-choice minerals and baking soda, some grooming tools, and leads, etc. Once we get the barn area set up, we’ll keep half dedicated to being the milking area and storage area and the rest will be stalls for sleeping/kidding.

We also started picking up materials for a perimeter fence for the property. We decided on Redbrand sheep & goat fencing and so far, we have about half of what it will take for the back of the property line, which is about 660 linear feet in total. We’ll continue ammassing those supplies a little each month until we can go ahead and get that fenced. Life will be SOOOO much simpler when we don’t have to worry about the dogs escaping our property anymore.

We’re also planning and saving for the inevitable kitchen renovation- hopefully before we fall through the rotting floor in there… It’s becoming more and more urgent. But we’ve decided to go with laminate for a bunch of reasons, including pricing, waterproofing, and the A4 commercial grade durability for high traffic areas.

With a little extra pocket money, I decided I’d like to reappholster our dining room chairs. I spent a good bit of time yesterday morning scrubbing off hot pink sharpie.


Current stained upholstery

And I decided that fabric is just not nearly kid proof enough.

To replace it, I chose some Toile de jouy in cornflower blue which is much more my speed than the stripes anyway.

Over that I will place 4 gauge vinyl sheeting- because kids are sticky messy little slobs, scotch guard only goes so far, and it’s way easier to wipe off vinyl than it is to spot treat fabric. I’ve decided the plastic sound and diner feel of short-clad legs sticking to the seat is a price I’ll have to pay for clean chairs. I’m ok with it.

We’ve also been able to do some asthetic things around the property. We may be great at growing food, but most people don’t care if it doesn’t also look pretty.

Clean, strait potato rows

Freshly planted and mulched potager

And my husband spent a good bit of time yesterday evening digging out this old diseased quince bush!

I gave it 2 years and decided it would be better if I put something there that would thrive rather than something I had to constantly treat with fungicides and babysit.

…there was a family of birds who were quite distraught at losing their nest… But, I’m not partial to rotten, fungus laden fruit right outside my bedroom window… So those birds can adapt and overcome.

We’ll chip up the bush and put it right back down as covering for that soil until I decide what will live in it’s place, but I’m thinking perennial herbs or flowers might be nice. I think I’d like to keep the height of whatever I put there fairly short.

Blurry picture- it was raining.

Overall, we’re just plugging away little by little at all that needs fixed or redone here on the homestead and thanking God for His provision.

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