Rainy Day Project

We got a 2nd (possibly 3rd) hand dining room table and chairs 2 Christmases ago; it was my husband’s gift to me that he let me pick out. He was going to build a big farm table from scratch, but at the time I saw this one, I thought it was very charming, and had the capability to seat 10 people…which, for our family is more like 6 if you’re gonna avoid toddler fist fights from 4 kids in close proximity.

So, I decided it was perfect, and that’s that.

I knew when we got it home I wanted to reappholster the chairs, but I couldn’t find just the right fabric, and at the time, we were still paying off debt, so my ideal toile de jouy in cornflower blue at $55/yard was not going to happen.


Fast forward 2 years- we are now debt free, and after scouring and waiting and exhibiting the patience of Job, I finally found it at $17/yard on sale!

It’s a small change. An inexpensive change. And took me less than 30 minutes per chair… That’s including troubleshooting a stubborn staple gun.

So many staples!!!

But it brings me so much joy, because it’s a change I waited for, and it’s much more my style, and it brightens up the area with cottage-y flair.


Look at that bright, happy little chair! Charming, right?

The lesson learned is that patience makes the pay off that much more satisfying. And, that being debt free is a good place to be. And that when you live with gratitude and contentment, small things bring big joy.

10 thoughts on “Rainy Day Project

    1. Well, to clarify, we’re still paying off our mortgage– we’re “debt free” by Dave Ramsey’s definition, on the baby step where we plug away at the mortgage and build wealth. It’s slow going, but it’s worth it! Someday!!

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    2. we are in the same position…….I just wish we would have started this process many years ago, hopefully we will still be able to retire with dignity. πŸ™‚ keep up the great work!


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