Homestead Update: Happy Mother’s Day!

I had a funny conversation with my oldest. He likes for me to pray with him before bed, asking God to prepare our hearts for the coming day. I mentioned something about mother’s day in the prayer and afterward, he asked, “Wait- is it really mother’s day tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“How can that be true? What am I going to give you!?”

I laughed and told him he didn’t have to give me anything, and that all I wanted was for him to honor and obey. He said, “Well, how about I draw you a nice picture?”

I told him that would be lovely! Sure enough, he drew a picture of the two of us playing outside. What a cool little guy!

I somehow managed to throw my back out yesterday, trying to awkwardly lift my 2 year old… Happy Mother’s day! So I did a lot of sitting still with the baby.

So that has slowed me down considerably. And I hate it. I had grand plans to clean up landscaping and chip up tree branches… And now my husband is stuck doing most of that while I watch.

But the good news is, I got a couple things tidied up before my body screamed at me to stop.

The front landscaping at the mailbox RARELY gets attention, mostly because of how far it is from the house and it’s lack of visibility- I don’t often have time without kids to work up there. I also decided a while back that I wanted plants up there that basically take care of themselves, but which add color and beauty to the space.

So, I pulled out the weeds and trimmed back the forsythia. The hostas there need to be split soon, they’ve grown immensely in 2 years! I also have some stunning black hollyhocks which will be blooming this year! I am so excited for those.

In the prayer garden, I planted 4 Easter lilly bulbs which were given to us by the church following the Easter Sunday service.

They will be a pretty addition to that space. I moved the hostas in that bed out closer to the edge to make room for the bulbs, and overall, I’m happy with it.

I plan to continue layering in perennials and annuals throughout the season. And I am scouting for cute benches to make the space “habitable” for prayer and Bible reading.

We harvested our first radishes yesterday!

They were mild and spicy-crunchy additions to the kids’ “snacky dinner” snacky dinners usually happen on Sunday evenings so that I get one day a week where I don’t have to cook, and usually consist of veggies, fruit, nuts, and some kind of quick carb like tortilla chips, a cheese, and a protein like deli turkey or peanut butter. We keep it fairly simple and that saves me time and effort on meal prep.

We’ve been cleaning up fallen trees and making ready our goat area. It’s coming along pretty well. Not too much longer until we can go pick up the girls!

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