Homestead update

We packed up my husband this morning with homemade doughnuts, fresh-picked blueberries from a friend, and goat paraphernalia and sent him off to retrieve our dairy goats!

We’ve been reading The Hobbit as a family, so the kids thought it amusing that Papa was headed out on a “perilous adventure” with all his provisions.

We anxiously await his return, and in the meantime, find ourselves otherwise occupied around the homestead.

The garden…needs some love. That’s just reality of having 4 kids, one of whom is 6 months old, and another who is potty training, one who argues even the mootest of points, and another who works against productivity at every opportunity…

So this is just what it looks like right now. This grass and weed issue is not typical of the B2E gardens and this is the first time it’s been this bad- because our covering flooded out prior to our french drain installation.

I know… I’m a little ashamed.

The plus side is that the pumpkin vines are flourishing… The bad news is, my 5 year old hacked the one baby pumpkin we had going into pieces with his hoe. Said pieces were fed to the chickens so it wasnt wasted, and 5-year-old was disciplined… Sometimes I wish I could feed him to the chickens.

The tomato plants are doing well, and I’m loving the trellising system we used this year- far superior to the “Florida weave”

I used the same system for our peas, which we finished harvesting yesterday,

Spent pea vines

…and cucumbers, which are now free to take over where the peas had been.

I have an entire terrace bed that just turned into my “junk drawer” garden…

Initially it was supposed to be full of root veg- garlic, onion, carrot, beet, parsnip… Instead, it’s growing celariac, weeds, and a couple of volunteer tomatoes and peppers left over from last year.

I’m hoping to get outside this afternoon and clean up between the herbs and kale.

I’ve been having issues with deer eating my plants, so I plan on employing my boys to remedy that by putting their hair all around the garden/plants. They aren’t thrilled about haircuts, but I keep telling them they’ll be much cooler without all that extra mane…and the deer should leave us alone.

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