Homestead Update

We’ve reached a standstill with preserving our harvest. As I’m sure many of you have as well, we’ve encountered a mason jar shortage.

That means all those honey jars and pasta sauce jars I’ve saved over the years are being put into service. And praise God I bought brands that are compatible with regular mouth lids and bands!

I’ve noticed that even my tactic of buying local raw honey in mason jars has been foiled- though the jar says “MASON” it’s made of cheap plastic! Call me crazy, but I call that false advertising. John Landis Mason would likely agree with me.

So, since I can’t freeze cucumbers, I’ve just decided to give away the remainder of our abundant harvest. I have saved a bunch to use for seed and I was so happy with the variety we grew this year, I decided to save more than we need to be able to sell seed on Etsy. Pickling cukes were tricky to get my hands on this year, so I figured I’d pay it forward by having seed available.

I’m still gathering elderberries in the freezer and tomatoes and God willing, Saturday, I will do a large batch of tomato products, and elderberry syrup.

I’ve managed to harvest some medicinals this year. Of course the Dayflower is one of my favorites for tea. But this year I’ve also cultivated ironweed,




mountain mint,

Mountain mint

passion flower, calendula, and kudzu flower. All of which I’m drying for teas or poultices in the future.

Kudzu flower

Remember how I had a landscaping specialist come out and offer suggestions and give an estimate? Well… That would’ve broken this homesteader’s bank. So I did what should have occured to me in the first place, and I just put my goats in the overgrowth. They had it tamed significantly in just 2 afternoons.



What remains is much more managable for me to do by hand. My plan is to create an edible/ornamental landscape using plants we already have and layering in perennials. More on that as it progresses.

That just goes to show that sometimes the most obvious solutions are overlooked and one should never despair before making sure all resources have been utilized.

That has kept me more than busy enough this past week so I’m thankful to have planned the homeschool off week for the time when my gardens need me most.

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