More Harvesting

We have pumpkins ready!

Which is odd because we still don’t have watermelons ready… Not sure how that happened.

But we’ve harvested them all the same.

Today I’m in the kitchen making sweetened condensed milk. It tends to be a kitchen staple around birthdays and holidays as we make most of our desserts from scratch so I thought I’d take the opportunity to put our milk to use and stock the pantry at the same time.

Can I just say- basic kitchen math has always confounded me. I can find the slope of a line, contour of a hill, calculate how much seed per veggie per person, but daggone it, cups and fractions slay me. So I’ve been sitting here with pen and paper trying to 12x a recipe. Who bothers making 2 cups of sweetened condensed milk at a time!? It’s virtually pointless considering the time and effort involved. I digress… So I have 24 cups of milk and 8 cups of sugar simmering away happily, now that I’ve mathed myself right out of motivation.

I still have mounds of apples to put away as well.

And as for the potatoes, I think I’ve decided just to plant what we have left for next spring. It came to about 15-20lbs which is our largest potato harvest to date.

I’ve also got some jerkey to make, stew beef to can, and potatoes to can. God willing, Saturday is still salsa and elderberry syrup day.

Other than that, we get back into our school lessons Monday, and I decided to use today and Friday for review before we hop back into our more vigorus studies. This week we’ve been reading Tolkien and studying maps and topography, and it’s just been fun to go down those rabbit holes of, “What’s this? How does that work? Why did they do it that way?”

I’m learning to embrace their questions. Hopefully they never ask me what 24 times 2/3 cups is… We’d be there all day.

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