Misfits Market Review

I have a larger than average family. Couple that with the work we do around the homestead and you get 5.5 (pretty bear is just starting to blw) super hungry homesteaders.

So, with our gardens winding down for the season, I decided to check out Misfits Market for produce through the winter.

Why Misfits Market?

You can read about Misfits Market on their website to learn more about them as a company. I chose them for 3 simple reasons:

1) Organic produce– in the world of GMOs, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and food allergies galore, it’s nice to know where my food comes from, that it isn’t genetically altered, and that it won’t perforate my intestines.

2) Discounted price- as a homesteading family of 6 who still haven’t managed to 100% leave the 9-5 world and homestead full time, we’re sticking to a budget in order to plug away at the mortgage and simultaneously do much needed home improvements. That said, this is the next best way (aside from growing food myself- because let’s face it, I can’t grow EVERYTHING well, but I cam grow a few things excellently) to give my family quality fruit and veg at an affordable cost.

3)Flexibility- I liked that there were different sized box options based on weight, and that you can select your preferred receiving date and frequency. I can always go in and make adjustments as needed. Company coming in? Choose a bigger box. Not making it through the produce? Slow down delivery to biweekly. The flexibility appealed to me.

How does it work?

Misfits market is a subscription based produce delivery service by which you recieve odd or irregular organic produce delivered to your doorstep.

Taking 4 children grocery shopping was never ideal, especially now with all the mandatory masks and social distancing… Ever tried to social distance toddlers from their environment? You end up with fingers in your nostrils and getting sneezed on directly into your eyeballs. It doesn’t work. They’re tactile, social little creatures. So I prefer to stay at home and let my husband do the grocery pick up or better yet- have the groceries delivered to us.

What is it like?

The box arrived to us fairly banged up, but it ended up being mostly ok. I say mostly because the ice pack in the box had a small hole and upon melting had begun to leak in the bottom of the box. We made sure to wash all the produce thoroughly.

It was packed with the ice pack (which actually had a small puncture and had begun to leak at the bottom of the box) and a thermal blanket-like layer to preserve freshness. Aside from the leaky cold pack, I was pretty impressed with the packaging.

The quality of the produce was surprisingly good.

Of all that was in our mystery box, the jicama was the only veggie I had to research before cooking it. And we ended up just eating it raw in a mango-lime salad which was delicious, served with chile lime chicken and rice. The mango really kicked it up a notch.

Customization & Add-on Options

Misfits selectively let’s you customize your boxes- this is still a new option for the company to my knowledge and it only applies to a select number of customers.

They also give you the ability to add on other organic produce or pantry items. This week I added on some grapes and medjool dates! Those are favorites here.

Overall Opinion

Overall, I’m really pleased with the service. My family tends to eat a lot of fruit at breakfast and as snacks, so I chose to add on more for the next box. But otherwise, it was kind of fun to have a mystery box and it gave me a chance to try new recipes I may not have chosen on my own. Perfect for when you have “same-ole recipe” burnout.

I highly recommend it!

2 thoughts on “Misfits Market Review

  1. We did Blue Apron a few years ago and liked it for the most part, but eventually stopped because we just couldn’t keep with fixing all the meals. We’ve thought about doing something like that again because of the pandemic and not wanting to go into stores as much. We’ll have to look at the Misfit Market.

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