Fall/ Winter Projects 2020

This has got to be my favorite time of year because it has all the excitement and novelty of getting out patterns and getting yarn and fabric for all my sewing and fiber crafting projects.

My husband teases me for having multiple projects going all at once. And I’ve learned to just take that in stride, because each project typically has a different timeline, sometimes I punctuate longer term projects with quick finish projects so that I can have some of that completionist gratification and not get burned out or fatigued on the longer ones. Anyway, it’s just how I roll.

So the shawl I’ve been working on…

I realized that my brain checked out a little too much and that for approximately 1/3 of the project, I had increased the appropriate amount of stitches, but into the wrong stitch…

Which is what was giving it that stingray shape rather than a triangle.

So, rather than unravel it all, I decided to make it a collar

reminiscent of something like this capelet:

If you are not familiar with Bernadette Banner, her hand sewing work is spectacular, and is my motivation to perfect my craft. Go check out her “accidental capelet” video here.

Even mistakes can be turned into happy accidents!

For my oldest daughter, I’ve been working on a twirly dress. It is super fast and easy. This took maybe 2 hours? Most of that time was reading the pattern.

The pattern has bodice and sleeves, but I opted to cut my work in half and use an existing tee.

So it’s short sleeved, but she likes to layer with jackets and fleece hoodies so she can wear it all winter. And likely will because it’s her favorite colors. 😊

I have a few more ongoing projects and am about to start hats and possibly mittens for the kiddos in the next few weeks.

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