11 Years with my Love

Today is my 11th wedding anniversary.As I look at the legacy we are building together, I’m overwhelmed by the beauty of it.Cleaning out our living room, I found a sheet of paper from 2015 before our first child was born, right around our 5th wedding anniversary. On it were written a series of what I then thought to be long term goals.Six years later, the only one we haven’t really accomplished is a foreign adoption. Unless God leads us to it sooner, I’m okay if that one gets postponed a while longer.

I suppose it’s time to write some new goals. It’s funny what you consider to be a long way off in your early 20s seems imperatively imminent in your 30s.

I thank God for gifting me with a man who has been my best friend since we were 17 years old.I remember friends taking bets on how long we’d stay tohether- I believe we’ve long since surpassed all their wagers.It’s been a crazy and what I would consider adventurous (my husband prefers to think of adventures in terms of dragon slaying and exploring uncharted lands) 11 years.

Lots of moves, enlistment, deployment, babies, ups, downs, sickness, health, all of it, we’ve stuck by each other.

And I pray that for whatever time we have left on this earth together, we continue to grow closer to eachother through our mutual trust in Jesus, our Lord.

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