Homestead Update!

Hello there! It’s been a hot minute, let me catch you up to speed.

We’ve had oodles of celebration lately. My little (not so little anymore) brother got hitched earlier last week so the kiddos and I traveled north for the ceremony. And wouldn’t you know it, it went from sunny and 75°F to 32°F and SNOWING in April! All on the same day. I have climate whiplash!

Snow on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck!

It was nice, albeit brief, to see my siblings again! First time all 4 of us have been in one place since 2013.

We had an excellent visit with my grandparents, and most of my extended family, while my husband managed life on the farm solo for a week. Kudos to him- he took on all the animal chores on top of work and seminary. He’s my hero.

Market Garden

The rows of cilantro and Nasturtium are in the ground! Hooray! I’m still waiting on my seeder so that was some extensive work to do by hand. That said, it was enjoyable, so I hardly minded playing in the dirt. It will be nice to streamline the process though.

In the Kitchen

Truthfully, the kitchen is a disordered mess, and is about to get even moreso as we are about to rip out old vinyl flooring and put in laminate wood flooring throughout the kitchen, dining room/hallway. So the big high traffic area that is the most used space of our home- the heartbeat if you will– is about to become pretty irregular for a while. BUT- this means that after 5 semi-patient years, I will have new floors, and will no longer be able to see through to the basement from the kitchen floor. Yay!

I’ve been really jazzed about this book my Mother-in-law loaned me. I’ve thummed through it in every spare moment this week! And it’s a gem- I’m actually ordering my own copy. It’s called the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies by Nicole Apelian, Ph.D, & Claude Davis. It. Is. Indispensable, and every mom should have one, in my humble opinion. I’ve been enjoying cleavers juice as a lovely springtime tonic that purifies and drains the lymph system and liver. And it’s been refreshing and rejuvinating.

I modified the recipe a bit:

Photo credit: The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies, Nicole Apelian, Ph.D & Claude Davis

Blending cleavers and purified water in a blender, straining, then I juice 1-2 grapefruits and add 1/4c dark wildflower honey. It. Is. So. Tasty! And it’s a gorgeous bright green- so verdant, you can’t help but want to drink it.

Expecting Goats

Miss Luna is exhibiting all the signs of immanent labor within the next 24-48 hours!… Which means it could be a day, or another week or so. I am obviously sympathetic, having experienced being pregnant and restless myself. The anticipation is killing me! I want her to take her time, but hurry up! And I know you can’t rush these things in nature. So really, I’m enjoying the anticipatory phase of the first ever births on our farm!

Luna relaxing
Red raspberry to help prepare her for labor

We’re kicking into our busy season here on the homestead! I feel most fulfilled when I am managing my God-given responsibilities well; we were created to do so! And it glorifies God. That said, I’m a bit behind on my to do list due to a week of travel so, forgive me if my posts are infrequent. for a bit! We’re working

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