Hands-on Homesteading Conference

You guys!!! I’m so excited to share this with you!

One of the projects I had the privilege to contribute to is finally ready for sharing!

The Hands-on Homesteading Conference now has tickets available here.

We were one of many homesteading families that had the opportunity to contribute a homestead tour video, explaining what we do, why we do it, and to share a bit about where we are on the homesteading journey.

What excites me most about this conference is the wealth of wisdom and experience that is going to be shared from all the speakers, as well as the various homestead tours. There is so much to learn, and so many different avenues of pursuing homesteading, and it’s such a gift to be able to learn from real-life people who are out in the dirt, putting in the sweat equity.

Can I be really honest though? I was a little embarrassed. Embarrassed, you say? Yes. Embarrassed. Why? Because well, my gardens are a mess, my paths need mowing and mulching, and my summer garden was non-existent. And I’m sharing about homesteading with people? My place isn’t Instagram worthy! It’s not even “I have out of town family visiting” worthy. Why on earth would God allow this opportunity to arise at a time when I was so unprepared for it? I was pondering the nagging little feeling of embarrassment at the untidy, neglected state of things while watching an episode of the Walton’s with my littles and I heard the most beautiful quote at just the right moment-

“Never minimize what you’re doing at any stage– just recognize it for what it is– a stage in your development.”

The Waltons

And I thought, okay then! This stage in my development as a homesteader is…well, overshadowed (and rightly so!!) by this stage in my motherhood! I’ve been pouring into my sweet baby girl; taking care of my body and hers for the last few months of pregnancy was my highest priority. Did we keep everything going with the animals? You betcha! But my husband did the majority of that work so that I could rest, heal, and enjoy a happy, healthy birth at home. And he works a full-time job off the farm! I realized, we haven’t just been lazy, we’ve been the OPPOSITE of lazy, giving all we’ve got to other things- our children, our animals, and each other.

And I thought, I’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about! That’s what folks get to see in our place – the reality of prioritizing family over tasks, and maintaining livestock even when you’re neck deep in dirty diapers, laundry, and child training. Our whole goal in our family and our homestead is to honor God in everything we do. And He was and is honored by me focusing more on people, MY people, than on having picturesque gardens. He even confirmed that by gifting me volunteer cucumbers, basil, and potatoes! What a loving Father!

That is the heart of this conference – glorifying our Good Heavenly Father with the land and resources He has generously given us. Seeing how so many other families do this is an inspiration and encouragement to me, and I know it will be for you too!

Hop over and grab your ticket to the Hands-on Homesteading Conference! It’s gonna be a great conference! I hope to “see” you there 😀

One thought on “Hands-on Homesteading Conference

  1. I think the oh-so-perfect picturesque homestead makes it feel impossible or un-doable for people that want to get into it or have recently started into it and that is why a lot of people end up quitting. Seeing a real-life homestead of a family that has other things going on besides homesteading and thus doesn’t have everything perfectly beautiful in the homestead department is very important and makes it feel like something anyone who sets their mind to can do. It is real and transparent and I think it takes courage to be transparent and real. So thanks for opening your homestead up for others to learn about real life homesteading without all the unrealistic frills and perfect-ness.

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