Fermentation Day! And a few updates

If it looks like a mess to you, you would be correct in that assessment.

Today is fermentation Day in the kitchen, and it has not been bland or uneventful, in any sense.

I’ve been getting jars of lacto-fermented veggies going. I’ve got some ACV, cucumber pickles, and curtido going. I also made some spelt bread in the bread machine, which seems to be about the only way I come out with a light fluffy loaf. Something about the ideal temperature and kneading time.

And don’t be mislead – none of this produce came out of our gardens. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Oh well. The important part is putting it to use, and getting it put away. I’ve also got a bunch of fruit to get processed as well. My plans for that include:

  • Peach butter πŸ‘
  • Strawberry jam πŸ“
  • Mixed berry jam πŸ‡πŸ’πŸ“
  • Plum preserves

That along with the 4lbs of green beans I have to can makes for a long couple days in the kitchen.

I decided to start with the ferments because they’re pretty quick to get going. The fruits and jams need their own day because of the jar sterilizing, and the water-bath canning. And the green beans will need to be pressure canned, so that’ll probably get its own day.

Now that I’m not feeling so much like a zombie, I’m able to get back into my kitchen with a purpose and a plan. Tangential rant- I am so glad that I 1) had help BEFORE the baby came, 2) had help AFTER the baby came 3) Planned and made preparations to make my life a little easier before she got here 4) took the time to rest and heal before I jumped right back into homemaking and mothering and homesteading like usual. The gradualism of easing back into my responsibilities has greatly decreased the postpartum depression/baby blues. I’m actually feeling really good and remembering to drink water and take my vitamins! …most days.

But, back to my veggies and fermentation. God has been so faithful to provide veggies when I didn’t plant, and a harvest where I did not sow. Thanks be to God! Now I just have to do my part in diligently putting it away.

So that’s where I am in the thick of life! Our 3rd episode of the Summer Workshop Series podcasts launches in 3 weeks, and I’m really excited about that!

Don’t forget to get your ticket to the Hands-on Homesteading Conference! It’s gonna be a great few days of learning together, AND- once you have your ticket, you get lifetime access to the sessions! Which in my opinion, makes it well worth the investment, because you can go through it at your own pace!

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