Carseats for 3

My husband and I spent the day Saturday fighting crowds at Toys R Us looking for carseats that would fit our 3 little ones in the back seat of our Subaru Forester. We finally did it...or, I finally did it. The Forrester is only 1 year old as of June and having too little equity … Continue reading Carseats for 3

Budgets, Babies, and Back seats

I hate budgeting. I'm good at formulating budgets. I'm even diligent in saving and tithing each month. But I'm not good at change, unexpected expenses, or STAYING WITHIN my budget. Now, that said, I've taken Dave Ramsey's financial Peace class and I've tried the cash  envelope method. All that does to me is say, "oh, … Continue reading Budgets, Babies, and Back seats