Resurrection Garden

In the last 4-5 years or so, I've been disappointed and confused as to the utter lack of celebration of Easter in Christian circles. Christmas is wonderful, Advent is great, and we wouldn't have Easter without them. But I submit the holiday that bears the most significance in the Christian faith is Easter. The Birth … Continue reading Resurrection Garden

Even the Rocks Cry Out

Tonight was my first experience of an Ash Wednesday service with my children. Not only were we visiting a United Methodist church, which is far more formal than the Southern Baptist Church we're members of and with which my children are familiar, but we were late... As usual. Fortunately, the church had a really wonderful … Continue reading Even the Rocks Cry Out

Spiritual Apathy

I was texting my sister-in-law as I frequently do and we ended up discussing those moments where we just feel hazy; disconnected. And she asked the convicting question, "should I ever feel that way? Should I ever feel detatched like that?" And it got me thinking. The reality of those times happening in the life … Continue reading Spiritual Apathy