Spiritual Apathy

I was texting my sister-in-law as I frequently do and we ended up discussing those moments where we just feel hazy; disconnected. And she asked the convicting question, “should I ever feel that way? Should I ever feel detatched like that?” And it got me thinking. The reality of those times happening in the life of a believer is just that; a reality. We often do feel that way probably for reasons we can’t outright explain. I have come to notice that those emotional feelings for me are usually accompanied by spiritual apathy. Either I put off Bible study, stop praying, or I don’t feel like I get anything out of my devotional time.

That right there speaks to the problem: I don’t get anything. Why? Because my intentions are wrong, and my motivation is for myself instead of the worship and glory of the awesome God who saved me.

I’m reading through a Lenten devotional called “Preparing Our Hearts for Easter: A Lenten Devotional” and in today’s text, it presented a concept I had never thought of before. The Scripture was from Genesis 9:8-17 in which God confirms his covenant with Noah by placing the rainbow in the sky for the first time (it had never rained on the earth before this time, this was a new phenomenon) signifying that He would never again destroy the flesh of the earth by flood.

What I had never thought of before was the shape of a rainbow. It’s actually bow shaped. Like a bow an archer would use in warfare, or hunting; intended to take life. Imagine with me for a second that the bow Noah saw in the sky was in fact the bow of God’s wrath, pointing upward toward His own Son in Heaven; turned from mankind in loving mercy. Wow.

The Bow

How wretched am I and undeserving of such grace that a wholly righteous God would turn the punishment I am due for the utter sinfulness of my life on His own Son? Take a moment to reflect on that love today.

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