Marriage on the Homestead

Marriage and family are big passions of mine. Not just because I love the people around me, though I do love them tremendously. I'm passionate about marriage and family because of the things they represent; our relationship with God, Christ's relationship with the Church, the unity of the Trinity. That said, marriage on the homestead … Continue reading Marriage on the Homestead

Covenant Marriage

Something has been on my heart for ages now, so I'll just throw it out there. It is my firm belief that the Church should focus more on marriage anatomy. What do I mean by that? Not anything related to marriage equality- that's a different conversation. Christians need to teach and learn the anatomy of … Continue reading Covenant Marriage

Spiritual Apathy

I was texting my sister-in-law as I frequently do and we ended up discussing those moments where we just feel hazy; disconnected. And she asked the convicting question, "should I ever feel that way? Should I ever feel detatched like that?" And it got me thinking. The reality of those times happening in the life … Continue reading Spiritual Apathy