Pickle Time!

It’s Pickling Day!

I say that, but I’m only processing 3 quarts. I’m pickling none the less!

We’ve been getting about 3-4 cukes per week from our two space master bush type cucumber plants. I chose that variety partially on a whim and impulse buy from Walmart, and partially because I didn’t want to mess with trellising the vines.

So far, we’ve had excellent yields and the fruit are delicious. Very sweet, and crisp, though I’m finding that everything grown in my Back to Eden style garden is that way. I assume it’s because they don’t lack any nutrients from the soil and the wood chips keep the soil moist and plants well-watered.

I started with 7 cucumbers about 2.5″ in diameter, and 6″ long. This was intentional, because out of the extra length I cut off the ends to make them fit in my quart jars, I made a batch of thunder and lighting.

My son helped me pack the jars and put on the sterilized lids and bands. He really enjoys helping me in the kitchen and I hope to cultivate a love for from-scratch cooking and canning in him.

For the brine, we just used a premade mixture from Ball and followed the instructions on the back of the container for boiling water canner processing.

We mixed 1/2 c. Pickling mix, 4c. Water, 2c. White Vinegar and heated it to boiling, then ladled the brine over the spear-cut cukes in the packed, sterilized jars. I read recently that if the pickles are processing for more than 10 minutes (my recipe says process for 15) the jars don’t need to be sterilized beforehand, but I’m a little OCD and I’d rather be safe than botulized. 😉

We let the jars cool, and removed the bands and now we’ve got 3 quarts of pickles!

I owe a jar to my Mama who loves the thought of farm fresh/ self-preserved foods. So, here’s to you, ma! 

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