But What Can You Eat?

It’s a question I get at pretty much every social gathering. It used to give me outrageous social anxiety. Will my abstinence from this food offend the hosts? Will eating this out of politeness result in a month of migraines and gastrointestinal pain and discomfort? (The answer to question 2 is always “yes.”)

I had a few close friends who would cater to my dietary needs and make “safety chicken” whenever we would have a gathering, but those friends are few and far between these days, as moving to Tennessee took me away from most of them.

So, I finally just took to eating beforehand, or bringing my own food.

Usually, people feel awkward about it, but I honestly don’t see a reason for them to feel weird. It’s a matter of health for me, so I don’t see it any differently than someone bringing an inhaler or epi-pen with them.

But, what can I eat? Well it’s usually meat, veggies, fruit, legumes, and select grains.

Tonight, we had pecan crusted cod with black beans and rice.

Breakfast is usually eggs cooked any number of ways with ham, (or sausage or bacon) cheese, and a fruit (we eat whatever is in season). And coffee! Oh, coffee… I wouldn’t say I’m an addict, just an avid fan.

Another favorite meal of ours is bell peppers and beef on a bed of rice.

In the autumn, or whenever I can find lamb, I make spiced lamb tagine with quinoa.

On a regular basis, I make roast chicken and southwest cauliflower.

I’ll link to the recipes for each of these meals so you can try them for yourselves.

My sisters and Mom say I eat “fancy food” but really, it’s just rustic farm food that doesn’t include much bread (because nut flours are expensive!!). Calling it “gluten free” or “Paleo” is just slapping trendy labels on meat and veggies. The long and short of it is, if I had to survive on what I could trap, hunt, fish or forage for myself, I’d be just fine.

So really, do you still feel bad? Don’t. I eat plenty of delicious food. Good luck to those of you dependant on pizza or tacos. 😉

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