Story Time!

Oh my goodness. I've got stories. It's been outrageously busy around here, so I'll just apologize up front- I miss you all, and I miss writing. So this brief respite before summer kicks in is nice and much appreciated. So we have a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a 1 year old … Continue reading Story Time!


Monday, Fun Day

Okay, so weed-eating and mulching isn't exactly fun... But guys!! Guys!!!! It's practically spring! Look!! The daffodils are blooming! Finally! What feels like a forever-long winter is finally breaking into beauty and new life as Spring makes her long-awaited appearance. Me and the Hubster had a conversation in the car last night. He got me … Continue reading Monday, Fun Day

You’ll Have 3 Under 3!?

In my high school years, I never understood the desire for motherhood. Partially because of how my mother and father's marriage crumbled and disintegrated into a steaming pile of brokenness devoid of integrity. It made me a bit of a cynic regarding wifedom and motherhood. Flash forward to 23 year old me, I'd been married … Continue reading You’ll Have 3 Under 3!?