The Homestead Waits for No Mama

Yesterday at church, my husband and I noticed something- we were 2 of about 10 choir members who showed up. Yikes! Our director, our pianist, and numerous members were all sick with the flu! Fast forward from yesterday to 8:00AM this morning... I woke with chills, aches, and a fever. When we went to wake … Continue reading The Homestead Waits for No Mama

Homestead Update: Chicks, Beds, and Veggies

Lots going on here lately! 7 of our 9 baby chicks come tomorrow, the other two will be here Friday. The brooder is set up, but we're debating using a bigger box.  We'll see once they get here. Finally got the temp to settle at about 95°F under the heat lamp, until about 3:00pm when … Continue reading Homestead Update: Chicks, Beds, and Veggies

Land Stewardship

Part of being a Christian is the good stewardship of God's blessings and resources. We've been fortunate in always having God's provision for our family and we respond in faithfulness by using it well. So my goal then had always been, but especially now as our family grows and money has to stretch further, to … Continue reading Land Stewardship

Building a Reclaimable Compost Bin

My family and I live in a rental home currently and doing any major planting or building is frowned upon. That said, we are contractually responsible according to our lease for the maintenance and beautification of the property. With that in mind, I set out to design and build a "reclaimable" compost bin. Ideally, I … Continue reading Building a Reclaimable Compost Bin

Sowing Day

After a couple setbacks in my planning and preparation, I was finally ready to indoor seed my peppers today! I put a folding table down in the basement to elevate my boxes off the floor. I chose  my basement near a southwestern facing window so that 1) they get some natural sunlight, and 2) I … Continue reading Sowing Day

My Gardening Boo-Boos

Just a few words of wisdom coming from a place of having learned the hard way... 1) Inventory your seed storage early in January. Keep a log of the seeds you have saved and stored, the years you stored them, and approximate seed count. This will save you the heartache of thinking you  have, for … Continue reading My Gardening Boo-Boos

Seeds seeds seeds

I've been successfully growing things for the past 4 years. I started with basic culinary herbs like basil, parsley, dill, cilantro, sage and then added in tomatoes and this year will be the first time I plant a full garden. You can go about gardening a couple different ways. One is to buy seedlings, or … Continue reading Seeds seeds seeds

Getting Started

This year, a series of circumstanced beyond my control has put us in a rental home. Actually, it's a great situation and I'm happy with where I am. "I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be … Continue reading Getting Started