Down Dog!

Hey all. We had a pet emergency this weekend. Our border collie, Anna (7), was hit by a truck. Below is a link to my original post about the incident. In an effort to offset her veterinary medical costs, I've started an Etsy shop called Down Dog Denim, that features items made from repurposed … Continue reading Down Dog!

Maggie Update

It's been crazy busy lately, but we finally saved up enough to get some clippers for Maggie grooming. We purchased the Andis model MBG-2 clippers And an additional #50 blade. Maggie's hair is so fine, the blade that came with the clippers would've just pulled instead of cut. You can see the difference in the … Continue reading Maggie Update

Chickens in Sight!

Chicken coop!! Good golly these things are expensive. Not the chickens themselves, our chicks were just over $3.60 a piece. Building a coop for 9 chickens however was more than I expected. We saw and researched several different builds. My husband's parents repurposed an old shed they already had on the property for their coop. … Continue reading Chickens in Sight!

Adventures in Canning

I canned some bone broth today! Which is mostly just exciting because I've never done it before, and terrifying because I've never done it before and a pressure canner is capable of literally exploding all over everything. I have wanted a pressure canner since I tasted a friend's home made fig jam three years ago. … Continue reading Adventures in Canning

A Winter “Weekend” on the Homestead

Because of my husband's work schedule, we have our "weekends" on Monday and Tuesday. Weekends on the homestead are busy busy times for us. There are the usual tasks like animal care and taking care of the kids (which I hate to include in the tasks because it's not a "job" as much as a … Continue reading A Winter “Weekend” on the Homestead

The Narrow Path

I was sitting in my living room yelling affirmations at the screen while I watched a documentary on a Paleolithic lifestyle/diet. Everything I've been doing for the last 3 years with my diet and exercise was vindicated when I heard people describing their prior chronic health issues: fatigue, hair loss, hormonal imbalance, brain fog, emotional … Continue reading The Narrow Path