My Workouts These Days

Before kids, I remember going on runs with my husband... Or rather, trailing behind my husband, huffing and puffing and trying not to roll my ankles, as he sprinted majestically ahead of me down the cracked and uneven sidewalks of our hometown. As far as pacing is concerned, my husband and I aren't ideal running … Continue reading My Workouts These Days

Mom Life: The 2nd Kid

I get now why so many articles suggested spacing your children at least 4 years apart.Two kids in diapers at once is rough.  Dinner tonight took me two tries. Do you have any inkling of just how difficult it is to focus on making a decent béchamel sauce with two kids screaming? The baby spat … Continue reading Mom Life: The 2nd Kid

Baby #2 is a… ?

Before I get to the exciting part, the "gender reveal," I'll tell you all a little story, 'cause blog. So with our first child, a son, we initially elected not to find out the gender until baby was born. Because in the words of my grandpa, "If God had wanted you to know ahead of … Continue reading Baby #2 is a… ?

Myths of Mom-dom

Unicorns. Leprechauns. Krakens. Loch Ness monster. Sleep training. All of these things are mythical figments of someone's imagination. There are so many things I expected out of parenthood, like, for my kid to be as awesome and also awkwardly weird as I am. Or for him to look a little bit like me. Or to … Continue reading Myths of Mom-dom

Apple Juice, Blanket Forts, and Coloring Books

One of my biggest assumptions in being a parent was that I really needed to grow up before I brought a child into the world. Sitting on my couch in my Snuggie™ coloring in a Disney coloring book with my box of 164 crayons, drinking a glass of apple juice, I told myself, "wow, you're … Continue reading Apple Juice, Blanket Forts, and Coloring Books

I Can Pick My OWN Nose, Thank You!

There are so many things I say now as a mother of a 9-month-old boy that I never imagined would leave my mouth. Here are some of the more weird ones: "Outlets are for plugs, not your fingers." "No, kiss Daddy's face, not slap it!" "Stop licking the dog's mouth!" "Spit out that fur!" (He … Continue reading I Can Pick My OWN Nose, Thank You!